About the company

AVA Iberico Sp. z o.o. exists on transportation services market since 2004. During that time we have established long-term business contacts with various domestic and foreign companies from varied sectors of economy. Many years of activities in the international road transport have brought to development of our company that let us provide the services of the highest quality for our clients. Thanks to our quality policy many well-known and leading enterpreneurs have trusted in us.

At our disposal we have a new generation fleet equipped with the high-tech providing system (GPS) which enables for safe and well-organized transportation of goods. additionally each of our drivers has a mobile phone that influences on good coordination of transportation and allows a 24 hours contact with the forwarder who carries out the transport and also with the client.

AVA Iberico Sp. z o.o. team consists of the professional management staff and the drivers who possess long-time experiance in the international road transportation.

Our own truck fleet that consists of 30 trucks with the trailers and 50 trucs from affiliated companies remain at client’s disposal


We inform with pleasure that AVA Iberico Sp. z o.o. provides the transportation services for several years. The previous cooperation lets us to recommend AVA Iberico Sp.z o.o. as a reliable and honest business partner.  Pałac Śródka Sp. z o.o.


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